Block paving has taken the UK by storm in recent years, and when you consider that some of the best driveways in Harrogate were constructed with block paving, it is no surprise that people are turning away from the asphalt, in favour of an attractive paving design. The benefits are indeed many, and looking for negative aspects to block paving would produce no results, and here are a few of the reasons why UK homeowners are in love with block paving.

  1. Strong & Durable – The square blocks are very strong, and when laid tightly together on a bed of sand and cement, you have a solid platform that will withstand heavy vehicles. Prior to installing the blocks, there would be a layer of hardcore, which would have been rolled into place, and this ensures zero movement.
  2. Attractive Colours & Patterns – You could use 2, or even 3 different colours and create a symmetric pattern, in fact, there’s no end to the designs for a driveway. The specialist company would show you literally hundreds of fine examples of what can be achieved with block paving.
  3. Semi-Permeable – Block paving is semi-permeable, which allows water to seep through and into the drainage below, so there are no puddles with a block paving driveway. Drainage would likely be installed prior to the hardcore, which ensures that rainwater drains naturally, rather than looking for an exit.

The surface is non-slip, wet and dry, and all you need is a power wash every few weeks, which will restore the surface to its original condition.