Without a doubt, garage doors made of wood have a naturally striking appearance that offers much more than what meets the eye. Perhaps this explains why wooden garage doors remain a common sight in many homes.

But wait! As a vital feature on a home’s exterior facade, car storage lock-up maintenance is vital on regular basis.

So, if you own a wooden garage door, here are some simple yet effective steps that can keep that vital component looking wow for years.

Ready? Let’s get right to the details.

Keep it clean

Accumulation of dirt and dust not only makes the garage door less attractive but can also cause faster deterioration. You can prevent that just by frequently wiping it clean with a cloth with water and wood-friendly cleaning detergent.

Frequent lubrication

The moving parts of the door are usually subjected to a lot of friction during opening or closing. Ensuring crucial areas like the hinges are adequately greased can limit stiffness that causes irritating screeching sound when the door is swung open or shut. But, while at it, ensure the lubricant isn’t too much as most tend to retain dust which, when accumulated, can hamper operation.

Repaint/Re-stain or refinish

In isolated cases, when the existing finish has faded significantly, you can take the maintenance a step further. Specifically, you can consider abrading the outer layer with sandpaper before introducing a fresh coat of finish. Of course, this isn’t necessary every other week but after two or three years is okay. Most importantly, you should always opt for durable paint or finish that can endure harsh weather.

Watch out for rot

Anything made of wood is always at risk of rotting away, especially when exposed to moisture. Why? Bacteria and fungi that are responsible for the decay thrive in wet conditions. Tapping the edges with a screwdriver routinely can help detect any rot in good time for action. In other words, ensuring every part of the door sounds finds firm when knocked should be the first line of defence against decay. You can also check this site with a collection of very large four poster bed with drawers that made of wood.

Inspect around for pests

Some pests consume wood or worse find it as a perfect place to make their home. Termites, carpenter ants, and beetles are some of the dangerous bugs that can easily ruin your wooden garage door if not kept at bay. At all costs, keep an eye on any insects that can invade and interfere with the integrity of your door. If possible, you can treat your door with insect repelling finish.

Final thoughts

A garage door means a lot to the exterior style and appeal of a home. So, whether you only care about keeping the solid look or ensuring the door lasts a lifetime, a simple routine maintenance is worth the effort.