We have all dreamt of finding the perfect property, such as lots of land, a huge house that has all of the specifications, and everything that we could possibly hope for. But there is more to the process than you may have realised.

Part of that is finding the aforementioned land. That is why a chartered surveyor in Herne Hill is so important. From planning to disputes and everything in between, a surveyor can help you find the property that fits you best.

Chartered Surveyor Services

This process is comprehensive and requires a professional that can handle the entire thing in a professional manner. A chartered surveyor should be able to handle things in the planning process such as:

  • Extensions
  • Conversions
  • Building regulations
  • Town planning
  • Roofs and foundations

Having a professional, guiding hand through the planning process can mean getting the right property to meet your needs. For those planning to build a home or business on the site, even the smallest of details can make the biggest impact.

Making Disputes Easier

Your Herne Hill surveyor will also be there to help you in times of dispute. There are so many things that can come up in the project management process that a professional can help smooth out the edges. Whether it is defining boundaries, issues with fencing, insurance claims, independent reports, or building work, they can handle all of the issues. This gives you the clarity that you need about a property and the help that you need when issues arise.