Target’s zero waste roofing system has been a key part of its efforts to be sustainable. Target has been involved in environmental support for many years. Target recycles cardboard in its stores for decades. Target also works hard to ensure that all locations meet Energy Star standards regarding appliances, lighting, and HVAC systems. This roofing system is used for the roof assembly at the College Station Target.

Since the beginning, the company has used PVC roofing materials. This was done to prevent heat from entering the building, making it more difficult for the HVAC system to work. They recently analyzed all their roofing materials to find that thermal insulation and cover boards will still work properly after a PVC membrane is worn out. This means that roofing companies will be able to recycle old PVC roof materials, thereby saving more than 25,000 cubic yards of waste each time Target replaces a PVC membrane.

Commercial roofing can be achieved by cutting old PVC roofs into small strips. The strips are then rolled and secured with fasteners. This prevents the strips from tearing as they roll. Once the membrane is shipped to the manufacturer, the manufacturer will take control. Through a partnership with Underwriters Laboratory Environment, Target will also use recycling confirmation plans. UL(r), has developed a system to analyze the steps involved in getting a roof installed and ready for use.

Target has used the process in several dozen of its stores. About a million pounds worth of PVC membrane was recycled in the process. This has reduced the amount of landfill space required to get a new roof ready. This should improve Target’s ability to keep its commitment to recycling at least 80% of its roofing materials.

Target may not have the goal of “zero waste”, but it is one step closer to achieving its ultimate goal of sustainable roofing. Reggie Reed Roofing is known for its hand in installing “zero waste roofing”

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