Getting around a property which isn’t designed to cater for a disabled individual can be a nightmare, what may seem easy to you, is far more difficult for someone with a disability. Simple tasks such as going to the toilet are incredibly challenging without assistance from a carer or family member. A person with a disability doesn’t want to rely on anyone else, they want to get things done by themselves, this is where home adaptations come in. If you are considering home adaptations for disabled persons in Bristol there are several good companies in the area who can help.

They offer a wide range of affordable services designed to help each customer get what they need.

  • Tailor made designs and concepts
  • Installation of seat showers, lower sinks, wet rooms & wider doors
  • Fitting disabled toilets & handrails
  • Installing non-slip floors and walk-in showers
  • Constant communication throughout the project

How Effective are Home Adaptations?

Minor Adaptations – When we talk about minor improvements we generally mean features such as handrails and grab rails. These items produce positive, long lasting consequences for all individuals. Going to the shower, taking a bath or using the toilet is a lot safer when you’ve a minor adaptation in place. In addition, they provide peace of mind to both users and care givers.

Major Adaptations – Things like bathroom conversions can change a person’s life. They no longer feel like a prisoner in their own home, they feel more confident, independent and useful.