Appliances are some of the most expensive assets in your house. In order to make them perform optimally and last longer, you ought to take good care of them and conduct regular maintenance practices. Here are tips to guide you in taking good care of your appliances.

Clean the refrigerator coils

Some refrigerators stop working properly when it’s very hot outside. Most service professionals find that half of their refrigerator calls are as a result of problems with the coil. To maintain the coils and ensure that they’re always working properly, you should remove the front grille and push a cleaning brush (sold at home centers or an appliance parts store) into the coils before you can pull it back and vacuum it clean. For fridges with coils at the back, the cleaning process is even simpler. In fact, when the coils are clean, the cooling process is much more efficient, and it can save you some few bucks on your utility bills.

Avoid Overloads

Unfortunately, most people think that cramming lots of clothes into their washers and dryers saves time and water. In the contrary, such overloads on these machines damages the motors and other parts like belts. The repairs of some of these parts are expensive that you might even consider buying a new washer and dryer.

Keep It Quiet

The vibrations from the washers and dryers can be transferred to the floors and throughout the entire house. Therefore, you should avoid damaging your walls, floors and disturbing the occupants of your home with the noise by purchasing anti-vibration pads and set the feet of these appliances on the pads.

Don’t Slam the Doors

Slamming the lid to the dryer’s front or top load on a regular basis can break the door switch. Replacing the lid or door switch can cost you up to $100. Avoid such small mistakes by lowering the lid before you gently close the door.

Recalibrate the Oven Temperature

If you realize that your new oven’s temperature is off or simply doesn’t heat like the old one, you can recalibrate the temperature setting. You can use online resources by checking out a downloadable version of your oven using the oven number or read the instructions on the manual of the oven to guide you in working out the settings. With an oven thermometer, you maintain a constant temperature for your oven when you place it at the center of the center shelf. Ensure that you match the temperature setting to the thermometer reading as indicated on your oven’s manual.

Clean the Dishwasher Regularly

Dishwashers fail to clean the dishes properly when the filter is filled with food particles. When the filter is clogged, water can’t pass through to the spray arms and clean the dishes in the rack. It will take you a few minutes to remove the lower rack and pull out the filter cover. If you can’t spot where the filter is located, you can check your owner’s manual and then clean off the screen with a wet vacuum. You should also slide the float switch up and down and clean it with water if the cover seems to stick.

Avoid unnecessary repairs and incurring costly losses by taking good care of your appliances. If you want to get the most out of your appliances, every appliance in your home has to be maintained in good condition.