It’s not uncommon for toilets to become stained over time, even if you clean them regularly. Hardwater is often responsible for causing the stains, which look unsightly and are anything but hygienic.

What is hardwater?

If there is an excess presence of sediments and minerals like calcium and magnesium in your water, over time, these will build up on a surface and leave a stain that looks as if it will be impossible to shift. Toilets are particularly susceptible due to the standing water they hold.

Fortunately, though, there is a simple and highly effective way to eliminate hardwater stains without having to resort to the use of harsh, toxic chemicals.

Getting rid of hardwater stains naturally

This first tip requires just two items that are cheap and commonly found in most American pantries: white vinegar and baking soda:

  • Flush the toilet before pouring a cup of vinegar into the bowl and mixing it into the water using the toilet brush. Try to leave the mixture for around 5 minutes, but if you’re really pushed for time, a couple of minutes will suffice.
  • Then, take a cup of baking soda and add one or two more cups of vinegar to the toilet bowl. You’ll see the mixture start to bubble and fizz, and that’s when the magic happens! Leave it to continue bubbling and fizzing and then let it sit for around ten minutes.
  • Using the toilet brush, swirl the mixture around in the bowl before scrubbing at, and around the stains.
  • Before flushing, leave the mixture to sit for up to half an hour, and then give it a final scrubbing until the stains have completely disappeared.
  • Repeat as and when necessary.

Getting rid of really stubborn stains

While it’s always best to use natural and eco-friendly products to clean hardwater stains from a toilet, in some instances, the stains might have been there for so long that they’re a lot harder to shift. For heavily stained toilets, you may need to resort to Borax, a chemical cleaning agent.

  • Flush the toilet before pouring a quarter cup of Borax into it, and use the toilet brush to swirl it around and mix it up with the standing water.
  • Then, add one or two cups of white vinegar and leave the mixture to sit for up to half an hour. Once you’ve done this, you should find that the stains can easily be scrubbed away and after flushing, the bowl should look fresh and clean.

If you use the services of a professional cleaning company, they will likely already be focusing on keeping your toilet spotlessly clean, making unsightly hardwater stains, something you simply never need to worry about. Haven’t hired a cleaning service? Use the tips above to make your toilet bowl look invitingly hygienic!