The biggest problem most homeowners have to face when trying to replace or fix their roof is finding the right people to do the job for them. After an unfortunate disaster, houses need to be repaired, especially the roof. The roof is one of the most important parts of any structure.

It helps protect the people living inside. But that does not mean homeowners should hire the first contractor they find. Finding the right, trustworthy, honest, not to mention, affordable, professional contractors sound very challenging. But that is where you come in. In this article, we will share these valuable tips to know that the contracting company you are trying to hire is respectable and can be trusted with their repair projects without overshooting their budget.

Get referrals, preferably local contractors

There’s a small chance of facing potential problems or experiencing scams when you hire a local contractor that is referred by your family members, friends, neighbors, or co-workers. Contractors that operate within your community are more familiar with the local code regulations and rules.

Not only that, they have a close relationship with local suppliers and area crews, so there is a big chance that they can get the materials as well as the manual labor at a low price, saving you a lot of money in the process. For example, if you are living in Midland, Texas, you also need to find roofers in Midland, TX since they know all the regulations in Texas when it comes to roofing repairs or construction.

They also know every construction material distributor in Midland and nearby places, so you know they can get the lowest possible price for the construction materials.

Find manufacturer designation

Manufacturer designation is considered in the construction world as a badge of honor because contractors need to pass certain requirements to be certified by the factory or the manufacturers (although there are manufacturers that are more stringent when it comes to giving out these manufacturer designations).

GAF is enforcing their top designation strictly by only allowing 2% of all roofing contractors in every market to be recognized as a Master Elite Contractor. Not like some manufacturer designation, GAF’s Master Elite Contractors can’t use this designation in other territories, only in locations with storms. The best tip we can give in this subject is to find and hire a contractor with a top designation near your place.

Check the BBB or Better Business Bureau ratings

Most contractors are eager to find a job right after a big storm. That is why it is vital to check their company on the Better Business Bureau website to make sure that they have a good rating score. You need to stay away from shady contractors that do not exist on Contractors with manufacturer designations are required to maintain a satisfactory rating with the Better Business Bureau to keep their certification.

To know more about Better Business Bureau, visit

Get a comprehensive warranty

Not all companies or contractors can offer a manufacturer warranty that will include the contractor’s artistry coverage. If clients are not satisfied with the contractor’s work or they fix or install the roof the wrong way, it may take weeks, months, or even years for the damage to be noticed by the homeowner and insurance companies won’t pay the damage that is sustained during the repair.

If the contractors will not fix the damage (or worse, they closed down their business), your only option is to pay the damage yourself. Legitimate contractors can offer artistry warranties to make sure that the clients will get the repair that they paid for.

Safety first

A contractor that did not undergo safety training or don’t have a safety program may not be the right contractor to hire. You need to make sure that the company you are hiring prioritizes the safety of their workers as well as the safety of their clients.

It is best to find a contractor that gives quality services at an affordable price, but if they prioritize the job over the security of their workers and the safety of the client, there is a big chance that accidents will happen sooner or later.

Check out the contractor you are hiring if they have the proper licenses and insurance

Any company or individual that does construction jobs is required to have a license to operate in their area. You also need to make sure that they have insurance for their artistry as well as coverage for their workers and subcontractors. They should be able to provide their clients with a copy of their insurance policy for validation.

Not having the right permits and insurance can lead to lawsuits or litigations between the homeowners and the contractor. Almost all states in the country require contractors to have a proper license to operate, but that doesn’t stop shady companies that do not have adequate paperwork to accept roofing jobs.

That is why before you hire any workers to do your roofing repair, make sure that you ask for a copy of their license and insurance certificate to make sure that they are legit and they can cover any problems during the repair.