There are times in life when we need to rent a storage unit to put some of our personal belongings into. Whether it be travelling abroad, heading back to school or moving into an already furnished residence sometimes it is necessary to store things and it is great to have a safe place to put it. Most storage companies have secure and climate controlled units and this means that once you pack up your stuff and store it you won’t have to worry about it.

There are some things to keep in mind though when moving something like your household items or other personal belongings into storage. As you pay for how much space you use it is smart to go through your things diligently before putting them into a box or container. Kamloops movers can aid you with this endeavour as many provide moving services as well as storage options. Just be sure to do some research and follow these tips to prepare.

  1. Check out Storage Companies

Taking the time to get to know the storage companies in the region you plan to store your belongings in is time well spent. Some are more professional and reputable and prices usually vary among the different businesses. Ask around or look on the internet at services offered and customer reviews. Once you have narrowed it down to a few make some phone calls and ask each what you can expect. Climate control and security matter are important.

  1. Ask About Restrictions

Once you have found a unit that works you need to confirm you are not storing any items that are restricted by the company. Not everything is suitable for storage in a warehouse facility. Be sure you do not have anything hazardous or flammable items and don’t store any food or plant products as they can attract pests. Most companies have a list of what can and cannot be stored so ask for it and follow it to the best of your ability.

  1. Get Rid of Items not Worth Storing

When you are planning on renting a storage unit it is important to realize some things really are not worth the money and effort of packing up and storing. Go through everything and contemplate whether you will be happy you stored it after it has sat in a locker for months or even years. Remember you are paying to keep it there so it is better to only put things in that have personal value or you do not want to replace further down the road.

  1. Be a Strategic Packer

If you are diligent in the packing of your things in a careful and organized fashion it is possible to fit much more into a small space. Be sure all the boxes and containers are full and buy ones that can fit into the unit nicely. Whenever possible choose see-through containers so it is easier to spot things you may need before emptying the unit. Always label things clearly and put items you may need at the front so you do not have to pull everything out to get to it if necessary.

  1. Make an Inventory

Having an inventory list of the items you have put into your unit makes everything much easier in the long run. When things have been stored for a long period of time it is likely you’ll forget what you have if it is not written down. Keep a notebook or file on your computer listing what is in each box and keep one copy with the boxes and one in your home files. While this may seem like too much work it tends to come in handy in the long run.

  1. Purchase Storage Insurance

Though some may consider the cost of storage insurance unnecessary consider what it would cost to replace your belongings is they were to get damaged or destroyed. Your renters or homeowners insurance may already cover it but confirm this with your provider in order to be sure. If it is not purchasing insurance is always a smart idea and one you will not regret if things go wrong.

  1. Get Help if Necessary

If the items you are planning to store are too numerous or heavy for you to deal with on your own think about hiring a moving company to help you. They can come and aid you in packing up your belongings and can shift them into the unit for you. This is money well spent as it relieves a lot of the stress around moving.