Among home remodelling, Bathroom Renovations are often the costliest. Not planning ahead or making the wrong call could lead the renovation budget spiralling out of control. Additionally, it could mean getting a renovation job done that simply adds no value to your property. Given below are the top three potential bathroom renovation pitfalls for those planning bathroom renovations in Melbourne to typically steer clear off.

  1.       Spending either too little or too much

What’s the ideal budget to set when planning bathroom renovations in Melbourne? A one-answer-fits-all solution doesn’t exist. How much you spend on your bathroom renovation would differ, based on your specific needs, the available bathroom space, the property’s overall value, and the style of your home. Imagine a family of six where the demand on bathrooms is much more than a bathroom serving a retired couple staying in a cosy, one-bedroom apartment.

Thus, the larger family would need a more practical and functional design when renovating, while the retired couple can go for a trendy design. However, if the larger family chooses to go trendy by sacrificing functionality and practicality, it would spell a lot of trouble for the family members.

The style of your home or the building it’s in is the other decisive factors. Say, if it’s a luxury home, you would then be more inclined to get a more opulent bathroom that complements your home’s luxury appeal. But if your home is in an old or historical building, opting for a modernist-style bathroom may not be suitable until you can renovate the building to a completely different style. Basically, it comes down to the amount you can afford for bathroom renovation and your goals and preferences.

Ideally, you should do some homework and get at least three quotes from reliable experts in Melbourne for bathroom renovations. Such quotes should start from the fundamentals – the tiling, waterproofing, and renovating, and then move onto the prime cost items. Just as overspending is a mistake, so is under-spending as it would diminish your property’s value in the eyes of prospective buyers.

  1.       Opting for a full renovation when a simple cosmetic one would be adequate

When the aim is to give the bathroom a makeover, simple cosmetic changes like replacing the wall tiles, vanity, or, tap ware would be good rather than changing the entire plumbing or the bathroom’s complete layout. While the cosmetic changes would help renovate the bathroom, they would also let you save thousands of dollars.

  1.       Hiring dubious people for the job

During a Bathroom Renovation Melbourne, you may be inclined to save money wherever you can. But hiring dodgy people to cut corners is a terrible mistake! It’s important that you hire insured, licensed, and experienced professionals for bathroom renovations. From plumbing to waterproofing to the electrical works, the tasks need to be done by specialised professionals to ensure they keep on serving you for long.

Even though hiring experienced professionals costs a bit more than what dodgy people would charge, the extra cost will pay itself back by way of the value it delivers via the longevity of the renovated bathroom.