Windows are quite important parts of houses and buildings’ aesthetics. Unique designs of windows can change the entire feel of a house, making it appear more appealing and pleasing to the eyes. In the case of either reconstructing windows or building them in new construction, it needs plenty of ideas and sense. You even have to choose proper films that protect the interior from harmful UV rays. For such homeowners and planners, these 5 ideas stated below can liven up your home sweet home. 

Single Hung Windows- Single Hung windows are classic allowing for one-way minimalistic use since the top portion remains still and does not open. However, the bottom half can be raised for open air. These simple yet stylish windows can make your house look attractive.

Awning Windows- These are outward swinging windows that are attached by either one or multiple hinges to the top of the frame. They are crank-operated, instead of hinged vertically they are hinged horizontally. These look great from both inside and outside. 

Double Hung Windows- Opposed to the single hung windows, both the sashes of these double-hung windows can be opened, but one at a time. They provide great ventilation in your room. As easy as it is to use it even looks quite appealing in a house, which is why these are the most common windows chosen by people. 

Bay Windows- Bay windows are made up of a series of windows that are connected and open to a view. They give off a classic air and look amazing from outside the house, making your house stand out.  With sharp edges and window film, they accentuate the beauty of your house besides providing good ventilation. 

Sliding Windows- We all know sliding windows open by pushing them to the side. These are some of the most popular windows that people choose for their houses because they are easy to handle and are extremely durable. Their tracks run both above and below the window. In spite of the fact that they are as appealing as the other ones but these are cheaper. These sliding windows can also be used as a substitute for the casement windows where the vertical functionality is not as practical as it was thought to be.  

Besides these, there are other styles of windows that are truly eye-catching, such as Tilt turn windows, Bow windows, Casement windows, etc. So before you start to build that window of yours, or wreck the window you already have to build a new one, check these windows out, and choose wisely keeping in mind the planning of your house, the style, and the view towards which the window is opening.