Are you in the market for a new home? Have you been shopping around for quite a while now, but still have not found something that lives up to all your expectations? Are you nervous about such a large purchase and get cold feet whenever you start to make a decision?

Searching for a new home is an extremely stressful thing to do, and it is perfectly natural to feel afraid, worried, nervous or some combination of the three. However, there are plenty of ways to make the process easier. If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on for some expert tips to help you make the most out of your display home viewings! Doing so will help you make a better home choice and have peace of mind about whatever you decide.

Table of Contents

Essential tips

  1. Be sure to tour plenty of homes you do not intend to purchase. This will help you get a good feel for what is on the market. It will help you learn what is included in various price ranges, therefore making you better able to spot overpriced and underpriced homes. It will also help you learn your own personal style, your likes, your dislikes, and your subconscious expectations about how a great home should look and feel.
  2. Don’t just check out the areas included on the guided tours. Look around, in every room, in every closet, in the cabinets, in the crawl spaces. It is easy to make even a poorly-built home look nice on the exterior level, but it is impossible to hide shoddy planning and craftsmanship in the unfinished areas. Keep an eye out for things that look poorly made, hastily put together or just plain sloppily done.
  3. Know the right questions to ask. It is not necessary to read up on on the display homes Perth you tour but have no intention to buy; but if you are serious about a place, you should definitely do your research. The best way to know the right questions is simply to think back on previous home – or apartment – shopping experiences. What do you wish you had known? What mistakes did you make? Learn from past experiences!
  4. Take along a knowledgeable friend. It can be hard to find just the right type of friend to bring; you will need someone intelligent, patient, and trustworthy who will be able to give their opinion without overpowering your own thoughts and feelings. You may see a certain display home as absolutely perfect, but you can rest assured that an honest friend will be able to point out plenty of flaws or potential problems which you will also need to take into consideration.
  5. Use display homes to give you ideas for your own place. Even if you are interested in designing and building your own unique place, display homes are great sources of inspiration! It is one thing to look at design ideas in books or on the internet; it is a different thing entirely to experience them for yourself. You may find that you absolutely adore certain architectural features or design motif after seeing them for yourself, even if you would never have otherwise considered them! Visiting display homes can open your mind to a realm of possibilities.
  6. Visit the best display homes more than once. Seeing a home on different days, in different weather conditions, and even with different friends and a different pair of shoes on your feet can help you begin to understand how you would feel about living in it for the long run. Allow yourself the luxury of return trips to your favorite places.
  7. Patience is key, both on a day-to-day and long term basis. When you visit a display home, spend as much time as you need. Let yourself get a feel for its unique character. Imagine yourself spending the majority of your time in it. Sit in the chairs and imagine yourself watching TV. Open the fridge and imagine yourself having a cool beer after a long day at work. The best home shopping happens when you take your time, move slowly, and do not rush yourself.
  8. Most importantly, enjoy the process of shopping display homes! Make home shopping an exciting time in your life. Even if you feel stressed about it, if it keeps you up at night and makes you toss and turn in your sleep, try to let yourself have at least a little fun with it. Continue to remind yourself that as long as you pay attention to details, ask all the right questions, visit a wide range of unique homes and get the advice of people you trust, you are sure to make a fantastic decision!