Single hung windows and casement windows have a lot in common: both types are easy to fit into almost any interior, they are quite convenient to maintain and let a lot of light into the room.

Read in our article about the main advantages and disadvantages of each type and choose the window that best fits your home.

Single Hung Windows Pros and Cons

Let’s start with the advantages:

  • Such windows will be relevant in almost any interior;
  • Affordable price;
  • Many options of design and customization (for example, you can add screens);
  • Products equipped with a tilt-in sash are convenient to clean from the inside;
  • Single Hung Windows are oriented vertically. They are an ideal solution for sidewalks and patios, because they don’t open to the outside like casement windows, and can’t be an obstacle.


  • Allow less air than the hinged structures;
  • Less energy-efficient, cold air can seep into the room on the perimeter of the moving sash.

Casement Windows Pros and Cons


  • Provide excellent ventilation, as the sash opens to its full height;
  • Optimal solution for the cases where energy efficiency is a priority;
  • Elegant design: the products look stylish and modern.


  • Cost more than single hung windows;
  • More difficult in maintenance;
  • You can’t install screens;
  • Can be an obstacle when opened.

Choosing one or another type of window system depends on your priorities. If you live in a humid climate or in a region with extreme temperature variations, choose casement structures.

If you have limited space and budget – look at Single Hung Windows.

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