David went to his parents’ home for a week to stay with them and help care for them during a medical procedure and illness. Their home is a 1960s model. How many upgrades have they done to their kitchen since then? 0, as in zero. The need for updates struck David and he was excited to talk about options with his parents.

Today’s Modern Kitchen

Today’s modern kitchen has so many options we have now that they did not have space for in a 1960s kitchen. Think of the appliance changes:

  • microwaves
  • convection ovens
  • wine storage
  • trash compactors
  • larger refrigerators
  • Don’t even get me started on coffee machines.

The countertop options are more readily available as well. Formica is not the only option! Have your countertops and cabinets designed to fit your space and taste. Mix in those giant sinks and exciting splashes and your design options are many!

More Space Is Ideal

The 1960s kitchen was tiny compared to kitchens today. Countertop space is treasured and islands are the rage! They can come in many shapes and sizes to give you extra space to cook, prepare, and even sit and dine.

Find contractors that can do all of the above. If you are looking for a kitchen shop in Doncaster, choose one with all the new options and designs! You won’t be sorry you shopped around to find lots of options.

Your dream kitchen should be a reality. The truth is that people spend so much time in the kitchen. Hungry kids practically live there! Make it a place where your whole family can congregate and enjoy food and meals together.