One of the most important plumbing challenges you may encounter is a blockage in your main sewer line. When your sewer drain is obstructed, plumbing system becomes incapacitated completely because wastewater has nowhere to go. Your only hope is to eliminate the blockage. Plumbing emergencies can be frightening enough, but when human waste is involved, they become even more terrifying.

Thankfully, many plumbing issues can be prevented with simple preventative measures. To prevent sewage backup, follow certain guidelines. If you’re thinking why your drain isn’t draining properly, probably it can be because of one of the three reasons:

Expanding Tree Roots into Sewer Line

The growth of trees relies heavily on moisture. If the supply of moisture is constrained, they will start searching for water wherever possible, sometimes reaching up to the sewer line. Small tendrils of roots can infiltrate minor crevices and pipe fittings of the drain and finally cause significant damage.

It is not sufficient to assume that you are secure because your home doesn’t have a backyard teeming with trees. Roots spread underground to great distances. In reality, the reason for back-up of sewage may have been  your neighbor’s trees spreading their roots! Regular drain and sewer cleaning inspections are the most straightforward methods to safeguard your home from invasion of tree roots.

Clogs in sewer

It is one of the most prevalent reasons for sewage blockage. Regrettably, individuals attempt to send down all kinds of items that are unsuitable for a toilet. The issue is, your pipes get obstructed when you push things down your toilet and so your pipes become unmanageable.

If you observe clogging in only one plumbing fixture, that indicates the blockage is possibly limited to a particular a few of pipes.  If you detect sewage backup in fixtures in your house or near your cleanout of the sewer, then the clog is located in your primary sewer line. That’s a significant issue, and you’ll need professional assistance to fix it. To avoid such sewer blockages, be cautious about what you put into it. Do not pour hot oils down drains dispose garbage prudently!

A  Collapsed or Broken Pipeline

Nothing is permanent, and this applies to your sewer line as well. Age of your residence determines if your sewer line may have been compromised by the pressure of the soil or it may have been constructed using outdated materials. It may even be a combination of both factors. Nowadays, most of them are constructed from durable and sturdy plastic materials, but yours can be exception.

Older homes typically have clay or cast iron piping. These materials can disintegrate and tear away over time, eventually leading to breakage or even complete collapse. When the collapse happens, the sewage it handles has nowhere to go, causing backups. If you’re concerned about the condition of your sewer line, you can enlist for camera inspection of your pipes by professional plumbers to evaluate their state.

In any of the cases, an experienced plumber can bail you out of the situation. Plumbers in Bromley from Heat-Tech plumbers ensure your drains are clog-free again and have every other issue sorted.