One of the most frustrating things to encounter in your life is you being allergic to your own home! You read that right and the worst part, it is happening all around you even as you read this post.

You might have heard your friend complaining or have had a few of your own experiences to share as well where you spent a whole day sneezing your nose out on a nice Sunday! If your home is equipped with carpets, it all boils down to allergens that are hiding in them. In case you want to breathe easy, call in professionals like Horsham professional carpet cleaners for best results.

A list of common allergens that are found in dirty carpets

Carpets are ideal for homes that are located in cold regions. It not only keeps the home insulated but also keeps your feet from freezing its toes out in case you plan to take a walk on your home with no shoes on. On top of that, if you are a trendsetter, chances are very high that you know how important it is to have carpets in your home that complements your home décor.

That being said, if you don’t take care of your carpet’s cleaning needs, chances are really high that it might get back at you by harbouring allergens that your nose finds unpleasant, to say the least!

Here are a few allergens that one can find in their home’s carpets:

Dust mites – In most carpet related allergies, the primary suspect was, is and always will be dust mites. These pesky little creatures love to take shelter in between the fibres of carpets. They are one of the most widely spread pests that one can find in their homes. These microscopic creatures are found in upholstered furniture, throw rugs, and obviously, carpets. They are not directly causing your nostrils to feel irritated, it is their faeces and related, disgusting particulate matter that they shed from their bodies. Feeling awful enough!? Do call in the professional carpet cleaners now for best and lasting results.

Pet waste products – If you have a pet, it is another source for your carpet to trap poop particles and fumes from pee stains and cause havoc in your nostrils. On top of that, if you are sure that your pet dog or cat hasn’t pooped or peed in your carpet, then you can lay the blame on their fur that might have got trapped in your carpet. Whatever may be the case, call in the professional carpet cleaners and allow yourself to take a relaxing breath.


Whether it is your pet’s fur or it is the dust mites that are finding their way to your sensitive nose every time you take a deep breath, it is always best to call in the professionals and get your carpet cleaned the right way.