It’s always working away quietly in the background and we never really see it again once it is installed. It operates via a keypad that is mounted on the wall somewhere in the house and this tells it to come on and switch off when needed. I am talking about your boiler and whichever kind that you have chosen, the only time that we encounter them again is when they break down. The goal, however, should be that we never have to look at our boilers because if we service them regularly, then they will run just fine.

If you have a boiler that is due a professional look over, then you can find reliable boiler servicing in East Cornwall. Scheduling regular servicing in the first step to having a boiler that will never let you down. Here are some advantages of doing so.

  1. A regularly serviced boiler will run better and cleaner and this means that it will burn less fuel. Less fuel means more money in your wallet to buy yourself something nice.
  2. A serviced boiler is a quieter boiler and although your oil boiler is pretty quiet, you can still hear it in the background. If you can, maybe it’s time for a clean of the flue and burner.
  3. As mentioned, if regularly serviced, your boiler will last longer and that means that you are not out the expense of buying a new one.

If it hasn’t been serviced recently, get your boiler looked at today by a competent heating plumber.