Travertine natural stone is imported from many countries, especially Spain. However, please note that the famous Travertine natural stone producing mines are in various countries, such as Spain, Turkey, Mexico, and also Italy, as well as several other Middle Eastern countries. Each country has its own characteristics, especially in terms of Travertine natural stone colors that are different, different. Some have red, blue, brown and cream patterns. We know that there are many varieties and types of natural stone. Yes, natural rock is indeed a favorite of many people and is used as the most sought after and also the most expensive floor coating. One of them is the Travertine natural stone floor. We will also get various benefits and privileges that are not in other types of floors.

We also have to know the process of making this floor. in the manufacturing process, the holes on the surface of the natural stone are filled with resins which are then given a mixture of color pigments whose color changes are adjusted to the base color of the natural stone. Only after that are given finishing to get the surface of the natural stone floor that is shiny and luxurious.The color of Travertine natural stone was not monotonous. There are many choices that can be chosen which are then adapted to other elements in the house or room, such as matching with wall paint or furniture in it. These various color choices include: gray, brown, red and cream. This natural color is much preferred by people so it could be suitable to be combined with other colors in the room.

There are many types of Travertine such as Beige, Silver that is so special because it comes with the combination of gret and beige. It makes silver travertine looks so great for both interior and exteriore., Travertine Noce and more. One of the best types that is so flexible to any kind of house design is Traventine Noce. The reason why it is favorite is because of its pattern. Traventine Noce is a classic type with soft beige and vintage. Unique and natural impression is the main characteristic of this Travertine natural stone. This natural stone is suitable for the design of the house with a natural concept, especially for the exterior of the house which will reveal more luxurious homes.

This travertine varies depending on your needs. They can be good for pool, house flooring and more. It also varies from the pattern. It depends on your personal preference when you want to choose the type of Travertine Noce. No matter what design you are going to choose, the pattern of Noce is pretty flexible as it ias made of limestone which is naturally dense. The reason why people call it Noce is because the warm sight portrayed by natural color from this natural storen. It could bring the rustic feel in your house when you apply this flooring to your house. It is no need to think twice to buy this Travertine Noce when there is lot of flexibility offered by this kind of natural stone.