You may have heard the term ‘re-roofing’ and are unsure of the meaning. Reroofing is a method of roof repair that is often the best solution, and it basically involves installing a new set of roof tiles on top of the existing layer. If you asked the best re-roofing company in Godalming to quote for the work, they would first inspect the roof and confirm whether or not re-roofing is the best option.

  • Retaining the Internal Roof Structure – Re-roofing requires that the internal roof structure is intact, and rather than removing the existing roof tiles and replacing them with a new set, batons are fitted on top of the existing tiles, onto which a new set of tiles are fixed.
  • Factors to Take into Account – Top re-roof a large roof would mean a lot of extra weight added to the structure, and it is essential that the framework can support this extra weight. The roofer might recommend adding some extra supports inside the roof to help take the load.
  • Added Layer of Insulation – Installing a fresh layer of tiles on top of the existing roof surface will improve insulation, and the roofer might suggest adding more insulation between the old and new tiles, which will help to retain the heat in the cold winter months.

Re-roofing is not always the best solution, and with a roof that simply needs a few tiles replaced would not be suitable for re-roofing, rather a straightforward restoration would be the best option.