In the days of computer controlled central heating, it might surprise you to learn that the traditional woodburning stove is becoming as popular today, as it was in the 1950s. There’s nothing to beat a roaring fire in the living room and burning sustainable wood is a very eco-friendly way to stay warm and cosy in the winter, and with Devon logs, firewood & peat fuel delivered by a local supplier, you can be sure of a warm and cosy winter.

  • Softwood & Hardwood Options – Once you have searched online for a sustainable log supplier, they can deliver either softwood, hardwood, or a combination of both. Most UK homeowners order a mixture of the two, as the softwood is easy to light and will provide faster heat for a cold home, and once the fire is going, adding a few hardwood logs will ensure a long and even burn.
  • Sustainable Forests – The timber is cut and seasoned in rotation, and as it is stored inside, the logs do not crack and spit when on the fire. It is comforting to know that our forests are not being depleted to provide us with burnable timber for heating, and the log supplier would have a rotational system whereby they harvest their forest in a sustainable manner.

Woodburning Stoves

If you would like to explore the potential that a sustainable woodburning stove has to offer, there are suppliers of top-quality woodburning stoves of all shapes and sizes, and even if you don’t have a chimney, a stainless-steel flue can be fitted.