Are you renovating your bathroom to a new favored design? Do you have a limited budget to work with for your next bathroom renovation?

If yes for both these questions, you would need some intelligent ideas to help you out. However, with some right choices, you can achieve great things for your bathroom on a budget. You also need to keep in mind, bathroom is usually one of the most design specific parts of the home.

All the different surfaces, objects and equipment that you have in a bathroom need to qualify for a specific theme. We have a few pro tips that might help you redesign and renovate your bathroom on a small budget. Here are some of them:

Fix, Repaint or Restore Your Old Faucets

When on a tight budget, you must remember that everything costs money when bought new. A great solution is to fix or repaint any of your old pieces that might still be at full functionality. Faucets are not only there for their specific purposes in every bathroom but are also expensive these days.

By restoring these faucets in your bathroom, you can save a lot of expense too. Powder coating is a good option for faucets being able to last a long time as well. Restoring faucets and other similar objects like bins and towel hangers in the same color will create a nice accent as well.

When done right, your faucets and other accessories should look great for the times to come. However, you should only go ahead with this restore if those faucets are in full working condition. Even the slightest damage or too much ware would make them useless pretty soon.

Bathroom Walls Can Be Redone Cheaply

Usually, people think of bathroom walls to be most expensive when it comes to a renovation project. It can be both true and false depending on who is doing it and how. When you are not limited on a budget, walls and floors can take up a good chunk of the whole expense.

However, when on a budget, you can still do things with walls and floors that will keep you inside your spending allowance. Ceramic tiles are often the material of choice in bathrooms. These can be quite expensive too.

You need to identify which ones are broken, damaged or gone too dirty. Having done that, replace only the ones that need to be replaced and not the whole wall tiles set. Alternatively, you can use some good bathroom wallpapers for the trick as well. Cheap and efficient, wallpapers offer great aesthetics too.

Glass Shower Door Replacement on a Budget

Glass Shower Doors or enclosures are some of the most important parts of any modern bathroom. You simply don’t want to have ones that may have cracks in them or are looking too dirty. Low quality glass can catch bit of a dirty looking color in the long run.

Also, sometimes, your Shower Doors can lose their handles or have broken ones instead. When it is for handles only, those can be replaced rather affordably. When you need to replace the whole shower doors or enclosures, prices will be higher.

Yet, when buying from the right supplier, you can get cheap glass pieces and shower doors too. Plexiglass is another new kind of material that is not a typical form of glass and yet offers all its advantages with no risks too.

Bathroom Windows Restoration

Bathroom windows create a bit of a big impression too. Most bathrooms have quite sizable windows that if damaged or too dirty can destroy the whole design theme. Yet, you can restore your bathroom windows perfectly to enjoy their best presentations.

Tempered Glass bathroom windows are the best solution when on a budget. Tempered glass sheets are available at affordable prices and are just as durable as laminated glass when done right. Be sure to get expert advice on their fittings for best results.

Also, paint your window frames to new ones if they are rusty or losing their paints. This bathroom renovation idea keeps your budget in check while offering a new look for the windows too.

Don’t Forget Your Bathroom Lights

Lighting is of great importance for any modern bathroom. You need lights that make great sense for all your bathroom design themes. One light might simply not work no matter what kind of a bathroom design you may have.

If you have a shower enclosure or a separate shower side, keeping lighting separate is the best thing to do. Low lit sources of light in high numbers often provide a neat look. You can also place some kinds of cheap lamps if ceiling lights are out of your budget.

Doing your lighting right, you will be able to save on budget and have a great look and feel at the same time. Fix old ones to look great and even look at hanging lights for your bathrooms.

All the Little Things Matter Big

For bathrooms, nothing is too little to be overlooked even when on a budget. Even you smallest things like towel hangers will provide a great design aspect. Have them all in right colors and designs in order to make most of your bathroom renovation.

Cabinet doors and shelves should also be looked at deeply. Fix any broken ones and repaint them for that redesign effort. Be sure to give a nice color for everything that you repaint. Making them look and feel new again will provide a new feeling for you as well.