Any property that you have invested in, needs to receive regular maintenance, in order for it to keep its value. Your home, your business property and any walls that you have built around them need to be kept in tip top condition or the rain and wind will soon weaken them. If you still have an old fashioned fireplace, then your chimney also needs to be checked annually to make sure that the brickwork is holding up. Once you get gaps in the mortar between the bricks, then water can penetrate the building and then you have much bigger problems.

A number of construction companies offer pointing brickwork in Glasgow and also re-pointing services. Brick pointing is the best and most effective way to restore the condition and the appearance of any construction and here are the benefits.

  1. It ensures that the brickwork is weather proofed and in the United Kingdom, where we experience rainy weather almost every day, this is an essential part of any maintenance plan.
  2. By doing regular re-pointing and checking the property thoroughly each year, you can maintain or increase the value of your property and this is needed if you hope to put your house or business on the market later.
  3. Clearly, it will help with the aesthetic appeal of your home and its kerb appeal. It also protects your property from the significant increase in pollutants that penetrate the walls of your property.

Brick pointing is an essential part of the maintenance of anything that is constructed using stone. Protect your property and protect your future.