Whenever we need to clean every inch of our house, cleaning the carpet will be necessary and a must too. If homeowners have any type of carpet in their house, whether it is an area rug or a wall-to-wall carpet, deep cleaning is an excellent idea for every one or two years.

The homeowner’s best bet is to hire a professional to do the job. But not all cleaning pros are alike. Do not be swayed by television or print advertisements that offer a super low price. A lot of these firms or professionals are fraudulent and fly-by-night, even provide substandard work.

And while property owners may like to start a Do-It-Yourself project by themselves, a rental cleaning company is the easiest way to clean your rugs and carpets. People always need to get an inspection and a written price quote. Quotes over the telephone can’t take into consideration the homeowner’s particulars.

Everyone has their own circumstances, whether it be pets, children, hobbies that can make their homes pretty messy, or frequent entertaining. In this case, professionals are needed to do the job. Experts suggest valuable recommendations for average homeowners on how to have rugs or carpets cleaned.

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Who are qualified to do this task?

The best way to do this is to hire companies with an Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification or IRCC training. This training is composed of 25 categories of classes.

If the homeowner has a wall-to-wall carpet:

Companies need to point out that a lot of wall-to-wall rugs are made of threads from polypropylene or nylon. These things are usually attached to the property, so homeowners can only clean the rug’s top. First of all, these things need to be vacuumed carefully and intensely using commercial-grade devices, not just conventional Hoovers.

Otherwise, it is like trying to scrub a rug filled with wet dirt or mud. Experts recommend using licensed companies specializing in this kind of job, with the right tools like a mounted truck that offers a more efficient and powerful recovery system and fresh water cleaning. These trucks carry specialized water hoses, vacuums, and wands that are snaked into the office or house.

Carpets are dye-tested in areas to make sure that chemicals and cleaning soaps will not damage them. Warm water from specialized trucks, as well as soap, is sprayed on the rugs, which are raked by special tools to work in soaps and loosen the dirt. The mats are rinsed again using warm water and then extracted using a powerful vacuum. Usually, a wall-to-wall carpet cleaning task carried by a professional will take at least two and a half hours to finish and two to three hours to dry up unless the property is too big.

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A lot of people will not ask for an additional fee for moving furniture. If homeowners can, they need to leave some windows open during the session or turn the heat even slightly to speed up the drying process. Do not put the furniture back before the insides are thoroughly dried, as wood may get damaged and metal appliances and furniture might leave a rust stain.

Oriental carpets and area rugs

A lot of area and oriental rugs are usually made of cotton, rayon, sisal, wool, or wool blends and other natural fibers, so it needs to be treated with special process. Experts warn homeowners about companies that give false promises of cleaning rugs in a couple of hours.

They put the mat through a device that looks like a printing press. The mat is run through various rollers and cleaned like a car wash. The process only takes a couple of minutes. Experts also suggest that people need to avoid firms who say they can wash oriental or area rugs in the house.

It is like trying to clean the clothes while the owner is still wearing them. Instead, after the inspection, mats are best removed to be cleaned by professionals at the right location or plant. These areas assure maximum control of temperature, as well as the drying process. Expect the process to take at least four to five days to finish the carpet cleaning process.

What can you expect to pay?

The cost will differ according to the region and job type. The average price will vary from 60 to 80 cents per square foot. But if the job is pretty extensive, that amount can go as low as 10 to 20 cents per square foot. It is all about the efficiency of the scale.