Whether you enjoy it or not, gardening is something that needs to be done with regularity, and with this work comes a large amount of organic waste that needs to be disposed of.

There are many things you could do with your garden’s waste material so keep reading for some ideas.

What Sort of Waste Is Usually Generated?

This depends on what you happen to have growing in your garden. Usually it will be the basics such as blades of grass which have just been cut as well as fallen leaves, to the fruit you’ve been unable to harvest that now needs to be disposed of before it starts decomposing.

This waste can either be recycled on site or taken away for recycling at a suitable location.

Use a Compost Bin

Even dead organic waste is nutrient dense. Most avid gardeners will have a compost bin on site which they fill with all of their offcuts they’ve collected over time. After a few months, this waste becomes a mulch which is great for using as a fertiliser for the plants you’re currently growing.

In case you’re unsure, other great items for composting include:

  • Wet and soft waste such as vegetable peelings, fruit, old plants, tea bags and coffee grounds. These are known as green waste.

  • Carboard, paper, waste from your vacuum cleaner, sawdust and pet droppings. These are known as brown waste.

The best mix is roughly 50/50.

Household Waste Recycling Centres

Another common option is making use of household recycling centres. These are provided by your local authority, the locations of which should be on their official website.

The idea is that you load green bags full of your waste and then transport them in the boot of your car to be disposed of. This service is usually free but there can be a long wait depending on which day you go.

You also need to be very careful to pack each refuse bag properly to avoid any spillage incidents in your car.

Hire a Skip

Skips are another great way to recycle and dispose of your garden waste. It’s best to wait until you have accumulated a significant amount of waste as skip hire can be costly, especially when hiring one for a significant amount of time.

Some skip operators might even be able to offer you a discount if you’re only disposing of a certain type of waste material such as branches cut from a tree. This is because it saves them the time of sorting through it themselves.

The most convenient option for many, skip hire is widely available across the UK. If you need a skip for hire in Doncaster or Barnsley, get in touch with a local supplier in the area. You’ll be able to find several with a quick web search or by looking through your local directory.

If you have a sizeable garden, remember that disposing of your organic waste doesn’t have to be messy or complicated. There are many options available to you so pick the one that best suits your needs.