Hiring a skip in the Northamptonshire area has never been easier. You just pick up the phone to your chosen waste management company, tell them what you want and they will drop it off. Easy! However, different people need different skips and different jobs require different kinds of skips. You may be a gardener, a DIY-er or a building contractor who requires the biggest skip available. Space may also be at a premium and so you need to chose a skip that will fit where you want it to. Sometimes skip hire companies will assume that you know what you want, but it’s important to understand the details when ordering a skip and knowing exactly what size of skip you need.

Get The Right Size.

We have all heard people say to get it bigger because if you need more space, then it’s there. Order too small and when it’s full, it’s full. You aren’t going to get anymore in there no matter how much you push down on the rubbish. The skip has a filling point and going beyond that makes transporting the skip dangerous. You need to have a realistic idea of how much crap you have and how much more you will accumulate and making this choice wisely means that you won’t have to order another skip because the one you ordered is too small. Waste disposal equipment in Northamptonshire like skips, can be gotten from sizes of two to twelve yards, which is more than enough for your needs whether domestic or commercial.

Can And Can’t.

Knowing what you can put in a skip is also important. However, it’s generally easier to tell you what you can’t put in a skip. This is a general outline and you need to ask your waste disposal company in your area exactly what is not allowed. Fuel, paints, gas bottles, asbestos, batteries and tyres are just some of the things that you shouldn’t put in a skip. It is just common sense, but it still has to be pointed out to the customer. These companies, however, do know how to responsibly take care of these materials, so please ask them for advice. They are more that happy to help.

Easy Access.

Gaining access to the skip you have ordered is essential and so ordering a skip with a drop down door on the front or the side is ideal. You may also want to lock the skip at night to prevent removal of items by animals and people and these are available as well. Many people get the skip dropped on their driveway, but be careful, tarmac is soft and can be damaged or creased. The best way to avoid this is to place a support like some planks under the skip that will still keep it stable, but will protect your drive.

Generally the amount of time you need the skip for is quite flexible, but always ask your skip supplier about this and the pick-up date. When it’s full give them a call and they will haul away your rubbish and you are safe in the knowledge that it is being done responsibly and with the local environment in mind.