When it comes to health and safety in the United Kingdom, some say that it is a little overboard. It seems you can’t lay a brick without having to follow some rules, but these laws are there for our protection. Anything that allows us to do our jobs more safely and better is appreciated and scaffolding must be included in that. It has been around for a long time and was originally bamboo, that then moved to steel and can now be hired in its aluminium form. In the past it was too expensive as you had to buy it, but now it can be hired for any length of time.

You can get scaffold tower hire in Birmingham from your local plant hire businesses and they can deliver and pick it up from your place of work. Scaffolding offers so many advantages to contractors and sub-contractors all across the Birmingham area.

  1. The scaffolding is so flexible because it allows you to access areas that would otherwise be next to impossible to get to. It also offers you safety in that area regarding your footing and you don’t need to over reach.
  2. Scaffolding puts the worker directly in front of the area that he is expected to work on. A ladder doesn’t allow you to do this and with a ladder the work takes so much longer.
  3. With scaffolding, hand rails and steps can be added for extra safety. You can also lay some flat flooring so that the workers can move around easily and they also have somewhere to place their tools.

From a safety point of view, scaffolding has no equal and every building site, big or small, should have some available.