Although we are constantly bombarded with marketing blurb from national and international companies promising the earth it is important not to overlook your local suppliers. This can range from fruit and veg right through to construction work and carpentry, and the services these local businesses offer go some way in illustrating why big isn’t necessarily the best.

When you shop local you are supporting local people and the local community, you are not lining the pockets of some billionaire in his ivory tower in the world’s most expensive areas. Even something as nominal as supporting your local building contractors in Chichester will amply display that you don’t have to go further afield to find what you need. Please see below for just a few reasons why you should consider using a local building contractor instead of one from further afield:

  • Better Level of Service – if you use a local tradesman you will certainly receive a higher level of service. These local companies actually care what you think and will do all in their power to ensure you are happy with the work in the hope you will tell others.
  • Better Response Time – Along the lines of the above, but if something should need urgent attention, your local company will be able to get to your project quickly and as a result rectify any issues more quickly.
  • Supporting Local People – As mentioned above, local businesses should be at the heart of every community and it’s basically a case of ‘use them or lose them.’

If you want a job well done and level of customer service that is lacking when you deal with bigger companies, go local.