Bluetooth trackers are considered as the solution to misplaced items. If you have the tendency to lose your keys, wallet, smartphone, or even the A/C or television remote at home, then you definitely need one of these gadgets. There are plenty of Bluetooth trackers in the market these days, all competing to be the best in this industry. However, two names always come on top of the list – Tile, and TrackR. But which is better? Tile vs Trackr?

All About Tile

Tile is one of the most trusted names when it comes to Bluetooth Trackers. This BT-enabled tracker comes with a smartphone or mobile device application. The Tile can be attached to any item – phone, key holders, remote, wallet, and so on. This way, you can easily locate the item when you cannot find it in its usual spot. You can also use it to locate your phone as long as it is within Bluetooth range.

Tile comes in four different versions – Tile Mate, Slim, Style, and Sport. Here’s what each of them can do:

  • Tile Mate. The least expensive Tile BT tracker. It can be easily attached to the keyring or just about anything that you usually misplace using its hole. The device has up to 100 meters BT range. It is waterproof with an IP57 rating.
  • Tile Slim. This device is so thin that it can be inserted inside your wallet or passport. In fact, you can also put this at the back of your smartphone or another mobile device. The Bluetooth range and waterproof rating are the same as the Tile Mate.
  • Tile Sport. This is perfect for the outdoors. It is durable and also rugged-looking. It can be twice as loud as the Mate or Slim. This Tile is waterproof with the IP68 rating.
  • Tile Style. This Tile is more fashionable compared to the other three. It looks elegant with the range, waterproof rating, and volume similar to the Tile Sport.

All About TrackR

This Bluetooth tracker works similarly to the other trackers in the market. You can attach it to any object that you want to locate in case you misplace it. Pairing the device with your phone is also made possible. Like the Tile, TrackR can also be used to find your phone in case you lose it as long as it is within the Bluetooth range.

Two Versions Of TrackR:

  • TrackR Bravo. This tracker can help you locate your keys and other things that you misplace provided that it is within the Bluetooth range. You can choose from four different colors – rose gold, silver, sky blue, and black.
  • TrackR Pixel. This tracker is considered as the ‘better’ version compared to TrackR Bravo. It is smaller but louder and it comes in more color options – aqua blue, blue, black, gray, green, pink, purple, and red.

Tile vs TrackR

Both of these Bluetooth trackers have their own specs and features that one would surely prefer. They do the same functionality which is to help you find your misplaced items easily. When it comes to choosing between these two, it will depend on your preference. Regardless of which brand or model you choose, you are sure that you are picking the best ones in the market these days.