Storms occur when there are high air currents and heavy down-pouring of water along with lightning. These storms are extremely dangerous for life and property. This natural disaster, if great in intensity and size, can cause damage to your place in many ways.

The heavy winds can make a tree near you, fall on your property and cause damage or rip off your roofing or damage your windows. The lightning can directly strike your property and burn some area. The heavy flooding rain can make your week roofs leak or flood your basement.

Any of this damage to your dwelling or business calls for contacting a restoration company and your insurance adjuster if you have insurance. Damage caused by rains storms is usually covered in your homeowner’s insurance but there are some exclusions also.

Cleanup should start as soon as possible so contacting a clean up and restoration company near you is the best option provided you have heard or read good reviews about them. This will save you time and money as the damage would progress if restoration is delayed. You can take pictures of the damage if you cannot wait for the insurance adjuster. This would serve as proof for the insurance claim.

After assessing the damage and estimating the amount it would take for the cleanup and repair, the service providers would discuss everything with you and make a plan for restoration. Then they would gather their whole crew and start working quickly.

If there is flooding in your basement after the rainstorm, they would first remove the water with the help of pumps and vacuums best suitable for this purpose. Make sure all your electrical and gas appliances are safe and services are turned off as water can easily damage electrical appliances wires.

After the water has been removed, the area is dried and dehumidified efficiently to completely remove humidity from there. The windows can be opened to allow a steady flow of air if the weather allows, other than using fans and refrigeration dehumidifiers. This process takes time because all traces of humidity should be cleared up to avoid the spread of any air-borne diseases that can happen due to spores of harmful microorganisms in the environment.

Then the cleaning is started and all the appliances, draperies, furniture, walls, clothing and carpeting are cleaned and disinfected. Mostly, the carpets and rugs should be replaced with new ones as they are highly contaminated by floodwater but their pads are always discarded.

The last step of restoration is the most important as it includes reconstruction of broken or lost structures of your property. The flood-damaged walls need to be opened and left to dry for some time. The windows or walls broken or damaged by gusts of wind or lightning have to be repaired or re-installed. The damaged roofing has to be replaced or repaired.

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